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JLI offers a wide range of forensic services to the legal profession. These services range from discovery issues, and disputes involving copyright, patent, trade secrets, the preservation and analysis of computer-based evidence, the analysis of software failures, and questioned computer-generated documents.

We also work with clients to help define discovery requests, examine evidence produced for completeness, and assist in data mining the evidence - especially in large scale or multi-district litigation where vast quantities of data and databases are produced.

We also specialize in the failure analysis of software development projects; the delivery of an unsatisfactory system, or time/cost overruns. Our capabilities also include questioned document analysis, using photomicrography to analyze laser printed documents..

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Borrowing from a dictionary definition, we at JLI define forensic software and data analysis as the preservation and analysis of computer-based and Internet-based evidence either for discussion by the public or in the Courts.

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