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JLI is experienced with patent litigation involving computer software, both from the point of view of the patent holder, where the primary object is usually to establish that the accused device is infringing, and from the point of view of the manufacturer of an accused device, where the usual object is to demonstrate that, in fact, the claims of the patent do not read on to the accused device.

It can be particularly challenging to determine whether the claims of a software patent read on to a particular accused device - initially only the externally observable behavior or some other factual evidence leads the patent holder to the suspicion that the device might infringe.

JLI can work with a client's attorneys to construct a claim lexicon and claim construction charts for each patent in suit.

JLI specializes in all aspects of infringement analysis for software patents or those patents which are implemented using microprocessors, including, where appropriate, reverse engineering of existing products.

JLI can also assist in researching likely prior art that may anticipate a given patent.

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