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The digital computer and the laser printer have altered the world of evidence in ways that have not yet been fully perceived by personkind—let alone the law.

Digital computers have created an evidentiary dichotomy: on the one hand digitized text, images and audio are immortal, existing for as long as their creators wish, and on the other hand they are completely plastic, subject to change on a whim.

Laser printers, working in concert with digital computers, have made a nonsense out of the concept of an "original document"—an original is indistinguishable from subsequent "copies."

A laser printed document (or even a document produced by an alternative marking engine) can raise several questions: When was this document printed? By whom was it printed? Which printer was used to print this document? Was this document tampered with after its original printing? Was a given page printed on different paper from the other pages?

Using a combination of photomicrography, and photometrics, JLI can examine questioned documents and provide answers to some of these questions.

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Photomicrography at a magnificationof ten times allows individual letterforms on a document to be analyzed.
Typical half-tone dot area of flexible printing plate. Such analysis and comparison can answer questions pertaining to the printer used to create the document.
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